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Hungry Frog Education Software Version 6.0
Hungry Frog Latin Software Version 6.0 Game Overview

Huyngry Frog Latin software Version 6.0 for Windows has lots of new features.

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Hungry Frog Latin Software for Windows Overview

Hungry Frog software v6.0 including the Latin software v6.0 is a major upgrade to the previous software program series for Windows. The manual pages describing the Latin software program also apply to the other programs such as the Homeric Greek language game. Game play is similar to but dramatically improved over the original Hungry Frog Education Software game series for teaching Latin vocabulary and Homeric Greek vocabulary to homeschool Latin and K-12 school Latin programs. The example screen capture movie shown here and most of the examples used are from the Latin software program for Windows, but the game play instructions apply nearly uniformly to all the Hungry Frog Language games (Hungryfrog Latin, Hungryfrog Homeric Greek Language, Hungryfrog Spanish Language, Hungryfrog German Language, Hungryfrog French Language, and Hungryfrog Italian Language). Hungry Frog Education software Version 6.0 for Windows in all the languages makes it easier than ever for you to integrate your own spoken language vocabulary into the game, track and monitor student statistics, and to teach more effictively and to customize the game to look and run exactly how you want. You can now not only use your own recorded sounds in addition to the spoken Latin words for the Latin dictionary entries of Latin words and Latin phrases for correct Latin pronunciation of Latin dictionary entries, but you can use your own background image pictures throughout the game to personalize the game and change the look and feel of the Hungry Frog software program to match your personal tastes. You can also as in previous versions tailor the game difficulty and play styles exactly to suit your needs - and you can save and use these advanced settings over and over or share them with others. The new software is tremendously more powerful, and yet retains special settings options so that you can also run the software with a completely hands-off approach to teaching Latin (or Homeric Greek or whichever modern language software learning program you are running). You can even mix together languages in the very same game. One frog can be teaching Homeric Greek and another can be teaching Latin vocabulary - all in the same game level simultaneously!

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