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Hungry Frog Education Software Version 6.0
Hungry Frog Latin Language Software Program

Player Menu | Choose Lesson

The Choose Lesson menu item in the Player Menu defines the current Latin study lesson for the game in progress.

Player Menu | Choose Lesson:
Hungry Frog Spanish Game Choose Lesson Menu

In these examples for the Latin software program, the Latin dictionary is the source for the Latin words in the Latin lessons available for students to learn. If you have more programs than just the Latin software program, you can use the Latin Lesson Planner to create more lessons than just Latin lessons and you can use them however you would like. You can even mix Latin words and words from other language lessons (such as Homeric Greek and use them in the same learning session).

When the Choose Lesson menu item is selected in the Latin software program the 'Lesson Chooser' dialog opens:
Hungry Frog German Lesson Chooser

Choosing a Hungry Frog Latin lesson vs. Editing or creating a new Latin study lesson to teach

The Lesson Chooser dialog is for choosing a Latin lesson to be used in the current game. It is not for creating or editing new or existing Latin lessons. The set of Latin study Lessons are instead created and edited using the Latin Teacher Menu | Lesson manager dialog. These are the Latin study lessons which are available in the Lesson chooser dialog.

When first opened, the Lesson Chooser dialog presents on the left a list of all available lessons with no lesson selected, and the list of Latin study words on the right showing the contents of the selected lesson is blank because no lesson is yet selected. Clicking on a lesson in the list shows the contents of the lesson in the box on the right in the dialog. Depending upon how many you have created, the list may include any number of lessons, and they may be of different languages and game topics depending upon which Hungryfrog software programs you have purchased and installed. Some lessons may have vocabulary of mixed languages if they were created from different language dictionaries. You can mix lessons from the Latin language software with lessons from other Hungryfrog language software programs. You can use the 'Lesson Chooser' dialog at any time during game play and not interrupt the current game in progress, but the current lesson you are playing will be restarted with the new lesson vocabulary if you alter the current Latin study lesson.

The Lesson Chooser with a short Latin word lesson selected in Hungryfrog Latin game:
Hungry Frog Latin Game Lesson Chooer

The 'Selected Lesson Vocabulary' lists the Latin words to study with the selected vocabulary lesson.

The right side listbox displays the list of Latin vocabulary from the selected Latin study lesson from the list shown in the 'Available Lessons' list box. You can preview the Latin vocabulary which is in the selected Latin study lesson before you decide to use it. If you do decide to use the lesson, clicking 'Use Selected Lesson' button will quit the dialog and the game will restart the level your were playing, resetting the frogs to use the vocabulary of the selected Latin study lesson. Your game progress will not be otherwise interrupeted. If you are play level 30, you will stay on play level 30, but the Latin vocabulary will change for the rest of the game until you decide to switch study lessons again. At any time you can 'Cancel' and return to the game at the exact location you left off in the level.

Whether you are teaching a Latin homeschool course or using the Latin software program in a Latin curriculum in high school, or even if you are using the Hungry Frog Latin software as just an individual to learn Latin yourself, it is best to create a variety of vocabulary lessons and then use the Latin lesson planner menu to save them to disk. That allows you to have them backed up, and it lets you as a Latin homeschooler share your vocabulary lesson plans with others who homeschool Latin like you do. This goes doubly true for the Latin classroom environment, where you should always keep backups of important teaching materials such as your Latin dictioanaries (created with the Hungry Frog Latin Dictionary Manager) and your derived Latin lesson sets.

'Use Selected Lesson' - switch to the vocabulary from the selected lesson and restart the current game level and continue play.

'Cancel' - exit and return to the current game level exactly where you paused to view the available lessons.

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